Röda Sten Restaurang

Restaurant Röda Sten

Welcome to Gothenburg's cozyest restaurant and sunnyest outdoor dining area.

Restaurant Röda Sten is a family business that does all the cooking and baking by themselves. On weekdays the restaurant serves lunch of the day, with influences from both the traditinal swedish cuisine and the rest of the world. They also offer hot drinks such as coffee and tea, as well as beer and wine. Restaurant Röda Sten only serve Swedish meat and always have vegan options. Since 2012, the restaurant challenges the meat standard and only serve meat free food at Sunday's, and on Friday's and Saturday's evenings they have events or disco. Read more at Facebook.

Today's lunch
Lunch is served 11.30 am–2.30 pm on weekdays
Visit website for menu
Price: 100 kr, 10 lunch coupons 900 kr
Including salad, homemade bread and organic coffee.

Opening hours

Monday– Friday 11.30 am–3 pm
Saturday–Sunday 12–5 pm

+46 (0)31-12 00 12
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Photo: Hendrik Zeitler